Sunday, May 07, 2006


Sunday 7 May

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, at the Embassy tonight, weren't the limp 30s pastiche I was half expecting. Yes, they wore dinner suits with carnations in their buttonholes.. OK then, the singer DID sit on a chair at the side of the stage between solos. But it swung like hell (no stupid.. the music not the chair). Mostly Irving Berlin, Woody Herman and Ellington stuff with the original arrangements, great harmonies and rhythms and with a modern-day oomph. Those who missed it (a lot.. there were acres of empty seats) need to get out more.

Last night was a Taste of Things to Come - at the Hundleby Inn (No Smoking). They have a notice saying patrons can "feel free" to smoke out in the carpark. Well thanks a million. It was pissing down with rain. Ah well.. I shan't be going there again, anyway. Too nice.

"Enjoy your meal, luv?"
"Yes, it was very nice thanks."
"What about the music?"
"Very nice!"
"And the view from your table of the sun setting over the Wolds?"
"Very nice indeed."
"As nice as the fire-eating topless waitress who brought the dessert trolley?"
"Oh yes, just as nice."
"Complimentary wine, coffee, liqueurs and de-luxe Belgian chocolates to your satisfaction?"

"What about when the Massed Bands of the Royal Marines marched past playing 'Anchors Away'"?
"They were nice."
"Nicer than the multi-media re-enactment of the Battle of Winceby with live cannon rounds and real blood?"
"No, not as nice as that. Nice, though."
"Did you enjoy it when the toilets exploded, spraying ordure everywhere?"
"Yes, that was nice."
"You didn't mind having to change tables when the Fire Brigade sprayed toxic foam over you, I hope?"
"They were very nice about it."
"Thank you. Always nice to see you, please come again."

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