Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shine damn you.. Shine.

My dahlias don't seem to agree with Michael 'What Hurricane?' Fish's assertion that we're having a typical summer. With the show looming this weekend, all I've got is a damp and bedraggled plot with just a few showy heads but barely enough to make a vase of matching blooms. I'd say we're at least a couple of weeks behind schedule and need a week's worth of sunshine in the next three days to get back on track.

There's always next year. But damn it.. I said that last year. Global Warming? Somebody tell Lincolnshire!


IsobelBuchan said...

I don't know whether to tell you this but my mother's are blooming's been wetter here too!

All Shook Up said...

Grrrr... ah but are they high-octane, temperamental-diva, top of the range, exhibition-megastar varieties or bog standard plants from Wilko's? Mine have to be petal-perfect on the day or they're next year's compost.

Richard Havers said...

It's been a Dahlia disaster area in the Scottish Borders too!

All Shook Up said...

Yes, I can't imagine how mine would look if they were 200 miles further north. Fortunately, my competitors had suffered the same conditions as me so it turned into a fair fight on Sat. Modesty forbids me to mention the outcome!

(3x 1st, 2x2nd and trophy for best exhibit)

Richard Havers said...

Very impressive, Mr. Modesty :)

Ours are too tatty almost to pick for a vase in the house!