Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Men's blogs, women's blogs

Keep clicking on 'Next Blog' at the top of the page and you soon end up thinking that the world is populated only by Brazilians, Korean adolescents and fundamentalist Christians. Or; you can find a blog you like and keep clicking from their links to link after link after link and you find lots of like-minded people. I've spent an idle hour or two doing this and it's impressive (and a bit humiliating) to see just how articulate and amusing so many of you are.

OK, this is just a rule of thumb I found. A rule of thumb, OK? If your blog doesn't correspond to it, thank you for not shooting the messenger.

Blogs by men, when they're not focusing on extraneous subjects, like politics and hobbies, tend to deal with items or incidents they want to put their own twist on. When they're writing about stuff that's happened to them, they mostly keep the personal details out of it, referring to their wives and g/fs only as extras in the drama.

Women's blogs on the other hand, are almost certainly going to be diaries, with plenty of domestic details and scene-setting including men, kids, housework, chocolate, men, clothes, hair-dos, chocolate, minor domestic crises, men and chocolate. Lots more soul-searching and openness too and support from the sisterhood.

So pretty much old news there, then, in terms of the well-worn male/female stereotypes.

The big difference is frankness about sex. Women living blameless suburban lives feel able to tell the world the graphic details of their sex lives - often, literally, blow by blow. Mostly moaning about how bad blokes are at it, except when it's that ONE man they had but lost.

Men hardly mention it at all, unless they're boasting and/or fantasising about having improbable sessions with insatiable women. And certainly never complain. But there we are... we men are lucky just to have the good old on/off switch so pretty much anything will do for us.

And there's the thing. All men fancy just about all women. Women understand this and know it gives them the power to pick up any man, any time. Offer and acceptance. We do the posing and preening, they make the choices in the end. In a different life, I knew blokes in the same position - attractive, wealthy and famous enough to give the nod to any woman right up to and including the toppest of tottie, and they'd come running. Comfortingly, they all had pretty miserable experiences with the ones they tried to settle down with.

Too much choice seems to do that to you, like always being tempted by what somebody else ordered in a Chinese restaurant - there's bound to be
something better on the menu for people with otherly-developed appetites.


Glamourpuss said...

You're right, women do have all the sexual power, it's just most of us are far too wrapped up in our insecurities to ever exercise it, and so find ourselves putting up with all kinds of tosh because we are just so damn grateful to have a man, any man.

Some of us.

Others, tend to have four or five on the go at any one time and enjoy watching them try to get in their knickers. Wot larks.


All Shook Up said...

Dead right, Puss. We all fall for it and no doubt will again.. there's always that chance, however slim.

lady thinker said...

Still no further posting then I see - does this mean you're still recovering from finding out the differences between men and women?