Sunday, August 19, 2007

Meet the new neighbour

There's that scene in Carry On Up the Khyber, where Sid James and his guests insist on enjoying a banquet, ignoring a deadly bombardment from the mighty Burpars, led by Kenneth Williams as the dreaded Khasi of Kalabar and his sidekick, Bungit Din (Bernard Bresslaw). The chandelier crashes to the floor, the window is blown in, a mortar round blasts the string quartet off its feet. Do they wince? Not once! Do they flinch? Never! British you see. Made of sterner stuff. Only Peter Butterworth sees the danger, a gibbering wreck, draining bottle after bottle to steady his nerves as the manic party goes on, oblivious to its fate clamouring at the gates.

I think I'm turning into Peter Butterworth.

Learco Chindano, who stabbed Head Teacher Philip Lawrence to death 12 years ago, has won his appeal against deportation to Italy on Human Rights grounds. His victim's widow says, "I am unutterably depressed that the Human Rights Act has failed to encompass the rights of my family." and goes on, "I am deeply concerned for everything I have worked for, including the setting up of the Philip Lawrence Awards. I feel as if I can't fight any more - I feel I can't survive this." What reasonable person could disagree with her?

The Home Office says it is disappointed. It's lying. The Government doesn't give a toss about the human rights of decent people. This country is the dirtiest, the most dangerous, the worst educated in the Western world. We are the drugs capital, the clap capital, the divorce capital and the abortion capital. And we send our troops abroad to die fighting shadows instead of using the money to fight against criminals at home.

I don't know which is the worse, those of us can who can only think about getting pissed to soothe our nerves, or the rest who party on, as if oblivious to the threat. It's the new British way. At least the Carry On team had the excuse of being paid to act like idiots. And the bunch of comedians running the country?


Swearing Mother said...

Without going into details which are too upsetting and depressing for me to recount, I can tell you I agree with absolutely everything you've written today. What sort of chicken-livered government do we have that would rather protect the rights of those intent on causing mayhem and harm whilst doing nothing to protect the innocent?

Human Rights, bollocks. It can only be called Human Rights when every human is entitled to them, not just the ones this country is scared of squaring up to.

End of rant. Sorry about that.

Swearing Mother said...

Sorry, it's me again. Instead of chicken-livered I think I meant to say chicken-shit, or lily-livered or whatever, but all the talk of haute cuisine made me think of food! Doh!

All Shook Up said...

No need to apologise... all three are good.