Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mablethorpe leads, the world follows

Here's the thing that will do for Mablethorpe what the Guggenheim did for Bilbao. It's an entry in East Lindsey Council's competition to find the design that will take the beach-hut into the 21st century. Over 500 artists and architects joined the competition to design it, from over 20 countries including Malaysia, Australia, China, Holland, Japan, Lebanon, Singapore, USA, Israel and the UK.

This was among the best they could come up with.

That's all I can think of to say, really, without sounding (perish the thought) negative.


Swearing Mother said...

Looks like something from Benetton, doesn't it?

Tina said...

Hello, I've just come on a visit from Swearing Mothers blog. I ws drawn in by your swirly A. Like a magpie.

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about Sutton on Sea, home of my childhood holidays. I haven't been back for years - do you know what its like now?

All Shook Up said...

Haha, SM, it does. Knitted from yak hair by Outer Mongolians. It wouldn't suit you.

Hi Tina, looked at your post re SoS.. can't imagine it's changed much. have you got Google Earth on your PC? Worth downloading it to take a look at it nowadays if you haven't.

mountainear said...

But who knitted it? It looks, actually, like soemthing that the bedridden might find handy.

All Shook Up said...

Good point, mountainear, exactly the same as they give to blokes after an op! They're 'avin a larf.