Saturday, August 25, 2007

Catching up and putting off

Should have gone to a recital, this lunchtime, given by a friend of Mme.'s at Boston Stump. But there was going to be a soprano and a baritone as well as the pianist, so I pulled out at the last minute, not without catching a 'look' from Mme.'s north eye.

Shame, really. I could have told myself that it would have done my soul some much-needed good; sacred music soaring to the rafters of an ancient church where thousands have sought mercy over the centuries. But the fact is, I can't stand operatic voices. I know I'm probably missing something very moving and precious but I can't so there we are. A couple of months ago, she took me to a professional opera production in Skegness... yes, you read that right.. a professional opera production in Skegness - we are cultured in the extreme out here. Turandot, I think it was. Or it may have been La Traviata.. anyway, by the interval I was flagging with an almighty headache, backache, legache, neckache, arseache, earache and bleeding from the nostrils, etc. (that last bit might have been slightly imaginary) so we left early and, miraculously almost, I revived completely as soon as we got in the car to come home.

So today, I've caught up on some weeding. A pain in the hip has been bothering me lately, and by the time I'd weeded to the end of the garden, it hurt so much I could hardly walk back. Maybe it's a sprain, but I doubt it although I'm hoping if I rest it long enough it will recover. Been a few weeks now, though and, at the back of my mind, I know full well it's to do with an operation I had after an accident about 10 years ago. Had to have bone graft... I asked the surgeon afterwards where he got the bone from. "Donors", he said. Well, I was still feeling a bit muzzy and it seemed odd that people would donate bone. Blood I could understand. You can lose a pint of that and not miss it. But bone? Who's got any of that to spare? It was weeks before it came to me. Dead people. So if I ignore it a bit longer maybe it will go away, otherwise I might have to trouble them for a bit more.


mountainear said...

I know, I know. Different strokes for different folks - but what wouldn't I give for a 'professional opera production' hereabouts? We seem culturally bereft here in Welshpool - or maybe just culturally different. Male voice choirs and hymns are popular. Ditto C & W. Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer towards Skegness I think.

All Shook Up said...

Luckily for me, the resort has a subsidised theatre big enough to attract touring shows, otherwise they wouldn't come within 80 miles of us either. You'll be welcome here but check the listings first... Jim Davidson is booked more often than the opera.

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