Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ordure, Ordure

Listening to PMQs today was like standing on a crumbling bridge and overhearing a couple of particle physicists arguing over the nature of its matter instead of getting proper engineers in to mend the fucking thing.

I've deleted three blog posts this week... all of which concerned some gripe or other of my own about current affairs. The reason being that I've put up links over on the left to people either working in the public sectors blighted by this incompetent Government or who have the time and more talent than I do, to brilliantly highlight the dangers to our way of life in this country brought about by its corrupt and self-serving attitude.

Nothing I can say, from my own somewhat fortunate and detached situation, can add to the sense of anger contained in their posts. Worse, I sense hopelessness caused by having no focus of opposition due, in my opinion, to the total absence of conviction and lack of clear direction in the Conservative Party.

This morning for example, on BBC FiveLive, Employment Secretary Tony McNulty made mincemeat of his Tory opponent, Theresa May. Yes, even at the start of the deepest recession for 100 years, with unemployment rising to record levels and the economy utterly bust, the doozy couldn't land a blow on Labour. Why? Because just like yesterday's show-trial of the bankers, politicians have become so remote from day-to-day life that theyr'e intent only on their petty Westminster games rather than addressing actual, real-life, down to earth issues.

What exactly is anyone going to do about the abuses of the welfare system, the prison system, the immigration and asylum system, the MPs expenses system, the curbs on free speech and assembly, the filthy and understaffed hospitals, the failing education system, the neutered basic policing? OK then. How many people will lose their jobs in the next two, five, or even ten years and how might this be different under the Tories? I've no idea. None. I take more than the usual interest in politics but I can't hear anyone saying anything that will specifically address specific concerns. Just noise.

The Conservatives in Government is to be wished for, certainly, on the basis that nothing could be worse than Labour. But that's about it. Nobody is representing the basic aspirations of decent people in this country any more. Britain will retain its position in the league for its violent, ill-educated, feckless, shag-happy, obese and clap-ridden TV addicts for as long as they have a vote to be fought over by Parties pandering to them.

We won't improve either economically or socially until we stop taking lofty overviews and start fixing the basics, one by one. It can be done, if the guts are there to do it. I know this for a fact.



I agree entirely - what are the Conservatives' principles? Against *what*, *precisely* are they protesting? All they can talk about is the economy; but when it actually comes to 'doing' they do nothing. As I opined in yesterday's blog, Balls' claim that we're facing a tide of far-right extremism in a Depression of his government's making should have forced a vote of 'no confidence': but no, nothing, nada. Their inaction is shameful; there seems to be no coherence; and the majority of the Shadow Government are so retiring as to be invisible - I don't know what half of them actually do, despite my obsessive research into the political sphere....

All Shook Up said...

I know from experience that the only thing that will interest Conservative MPs is their standing in the polls. It is their be-all and end-all, their sole measurement of what the public thinks.