Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheeky brats.

Walking back to the car yesterday, I had to pass three girls aged 14/15ish, sitting on a churchyard wall. As I approached, one said, "do you want some sex?". The others sniggered and she went on, "have you got a big knob?"

What do you do? What's the correct response? It's not what you're expecting from fresh-faced kids in a picture-perfect village street on a balmy Lincolnshire evening. You're set up already and only going to open yourself to even more adolescent ridicule whatever you say. Well, all I could come up with was, "your mum will be really proud of you. I'll tell her when I see her later on." "Great," she came back, "we'll have a threesome."

It's tempting to put this down to the 'youth of today, videogame generation, no discipline in schools anymore, where are the parents, I blame television'. But no doubt, the same cheeking of strangers has always gone on - just that maybe today it's probably more widespread thanks to a feeling of immunity from sanction. But the content of the taunts.... that's modern, surely?

How knowing was this girl? Was she already trying out the same game that some women enjoy, that exploits, and at the same time mocks, the male vulnerability to auto-response at artificial displays of female sexuality?

I reckon she was, and that's a shame.


Glamourpuss said...

I think I'd have said 'No thanks, I only sleep with women.'

And you're right, they only do it because they've been brought up to believe they have rights and that adults can't touch them - no matter how provoking they are. Little shits.

As an off-duty teacher, I would get this on occasion from pupils who thought I couldn't do anything about it, but I took the attitude that if they wanted to play adult games with an adult, they deserved an adult response, and that generally scared the living shit out of them. Good.


All Shook Up said...

Yep, Puss.. I knew straight away this would be one of those times I'd think of what I SHOULD have said afterwards.